September 17, 1991 Barcelona, Spain
I'm Cristian
Software developer
Mechanical Engineer

About me

Picture of myself My name is Cristian Rodríguez. I spend my time developing software for a company but as soon as I have some free time I take my bike and get myself lost in the mountain for hours trying to disconnect from my daylife.

I have so many projects but one of the most important is the one that I have developed when I was still studing. I created a platform which brings a new and powerful tool for teaching, the Ecoodle. This e-learing tool can be used to improve the student's programming techniques and skills.

I must say I've an specialy devotion to network security, that's the reason I started a blog in order to make me write down some interesting information and this makes me learn something new each week. I read it, I undestand it and now I can explain it.

My Skills

Java / Android
C# / C / C++
HTML 5 / CSS 3
Laravel framework
And so much more...
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Degree in Mechanical Engineer

Since I was a kid, I am very passionate about how things work. This degree in mechanical engineering from the UPC allowed me to learn what I like the most.

Grade of my final project is 9.5 out of 10 (been this the maximum mark), opting for an Honor distinguishment.

The final project was about developing a software with the colaboration of Dr. Jonel Trebicka from Bonn's University (European Foundation for Chronic Liver) for detecting brain malfuctions due to liver diseases.


CFGS in development of multiplatform software

With the aim of finishing my education in the field of computer science, I made the CFGS in multiplatform software development in the CEP.

Obtaining at the end of the title with an average score of 9.15 (out of 10 been this the maximum mark).

Degree in computers engineering [Not finished]

I started a degree in computers engineering at Barcelona School of Informatics (UPC) then I realize it wasn't the right choice.

Not finished, only 2 years (of 4) complet.



(Born level)


(Born level)


(Advanced level)


(Beginner level)

Extra studies and information

Machine learning

This course provide me a deeper understanding of computer neuronal networks. How are they designed, why this way, how does it works...

Exploring Neural Data

This course provide me a deeper understanding of how does the brain works. This extra knowledge can be used when programming bionical interfaces and developing prosthetics

LPI Essentials - Linux certificate

LPI essentials is a junior level certification for Linux administrators.

(See certificate)

First Certificate in English - Cambridge English certificate

Cambridge English: First, also known as First Certificate in English (FCE), is an upper-intermediate level qualification. It proves you can use everyday written and spoken English for work or study purposes.

Appearances as a guest on the radio (Radio Trinitat Nova)

In order to help one of my friends, I've appeared for 4 months as a guest in one sports radio programm.

My Jobs

programmer seccion9
Software Developer @ Sección 9 || 2014 - Current

During those years in Sección 9 I've been involved in many projects most of them related with the development of app(s). Sometimes web platform, other mobile and of course desktop.

-Laravel Framewrork

-Full stack developer

-Android and iOS app developer

-Escape Room props designer and programmer

freelance programmer
Software Developer @ Freelance || 2014 - 2018

During those years I've been deveoping a huge amout of software for different clients each one with their own challenges

See portfolio.

Programming tutor @ Freelance || 2010 - 2015

My job was teaching and helping them to understand the basics and advance programming with JAVA / C / C++ to some students of telecommunications engineering

Col·legi de gestors de Catalunya @ Internship || November 2013 - April 2014

My job was provide help to the developers team in all the on-going projects


Here you have some of my most important non confidential projects.
Enigma's access panel
Escape Room upgrade designed using SolidWorks and 3D printed with arduino's backend support.
This is a really complete and complex Timeslot developed in order to fit the special requirements of the client.
This is a CRM for medium and small business fully developed by me and my colleague.
Website for a Room Escape game in andorra. An amazing plan for your free time
Website for a Room Escape game in andorra. An amazing plan for your free time
This website is a landing page for a new jewellery tool
La pelu de marta
This is a website of a neighborhood's hairdresser where you can see as you work well as its discounts
C++ Avanzado - Blog site
Blogwith news and interesting ways for C++ programming
This is a landing page for an awesome "hidden route" inside BCN with an amaizing surprise
CEP's website competition
I've dessigned and programmed the CEP's website from cero. All the functions were programmed and developed by me as a way for learning more about CSS3, HTMl5, JQuery and PHP
Is an architectural company's website where you can see their works and make budgets
This is a landing page for an awesome "hidden route" inside BCN with an amaizing surprise
Ecoodle is a web based platform where teachers can set up exercises (about programming) and the students have to code these programs, send the source code to ecoodle system (web platform) and they must pass all test sets previously designed by teachers.
Nowadays ecoodle is prepared to work with C, C++ and JAVA
Argentbasic is an online shop developed with prestashop adapted to the costumer needs. It's a fantastic jewellery online shop

Contact me

For further information please contact me in this email address
crcrespo [at]